Canon EOS 3, handheld
Sigma 105 EX Macro
Provia 100F
1/90 second at f16

Ominous music here
crab spider bee

Crab spiders are notorious for lying in wait in colors matched to their hiding spot, ready to pounce on the insects attracted to the flowers. Some of them are really quite well adapted to the process, flaunting markings or behavior that is fascinating in itself. This one seemed not quite so well camouflaged, but I still had to snag a shot of the bee heading for certain doom.

Actually, not so certain. This bee flew off without ever coming near the spider, or at least not while I was there. Should I not have told you that? It takes away some of the dramatic impact of the shot, I think, but then again, it also tells you that the photo can imply things that aren't reflected in reality. That's part of the power of photography, used well.