Sony F-717 digital
10.5mm (Macro) at f3.2
1/125 second, ISO 100

Pretty big
golden silk spider Nephila clavipes

Wooded areas of Florida often play home to this kind of monster, a Golden Silk Spider (Nephila clavipes), occasionally known as the 'Banana Spider' from the color of the body and outright size. This one is a small example, with a leg spread of only about 8 cm (3 inches) – they can get double this size easily. The webs really are yellow in color when seen in bright sunlight, and can span 2 meters (6 feet) across the 'orb' part. It is also an exceptionally strong web, able to catch small birds, though this species eats nothing but insects.

Thankfully, the web is usually higher in the trees, but not always. Pretty stunning thing to find blocking your path, especially if you fail to see it until you're right on top of it.