Canon 300D, handheld
Sigma 24-135 at 135mm, 20mm extension tube
Canon 380EX flash
ISO 100
1/200 second at f16

Not one word about insurance, okay?

It's not a gecko! This juvenile Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) was running around the edge of a potted plant in UNC's Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC, looking for ants to feed upon. Its reaction to my close proximity was curious — it didn't like me being there, but this wasn't enough to convince it to seek cover. So I followed it around the plant taking photos of opportunity for several minutes. I was hoping to capture some images of it wolfing down ants, but there were none to be seen and catching this on camera is a challenge in itself, since it happens in an eyeblink.

My friend here is not even the thickness of my little finger, and the reeds it's on are roughly twice the diameter of pine straw, just to give you an idea.