Olympus OM-1, handheld
Vivitar 200mm 3.5
Kodak Gold 400
Exposure unrecorded


One day I lucked out at the NC Zoo — the Chimpanzees (Pan troglodyte) were close to the viewing area and being photogenic. I happened to catch this tableau during a breather in their antics. Their expressions seem evocative of something, but opinions differ. I welcome anybody's suggestions or captions.

Technique Note: In some photo circles, there's a certain amount of snobbism over zoom lenses — they're of poor quality, prone to flare, and above all, make the photographer lazy. "Zoom with your feet" is a common recommendation.

I can't agree. Too many situations, this being one of them, don't allow changing framing by moving around. This was taken with a fixed-focal-length lens and is full frame, right to the very edges — there's nothing I can do about the size or cropping. With a zoom, I could have had five or more different compositions.

Many consumer lenses aren't as sharp as their professional counterparts that may cost ten times as much. But you'll notice there's few "professional" lenses used on this entire site, the rest being inexpensive consumer zooms. Know the limitations of the lens you use, take care with your photos, and you'll get good results. It's that simple. Technique is what makes the photo, not expense.