Canon Pro 90 IS, tripod
46.47mm (?) at f4
1/320 second at ISO 100

Using the conditions


I rarely like shooting in bright sunlight. Both film and digital sensors produce higher contrast than our eyes see, which means it becomes much easier to either have highlights flare out into total white, or shadows drop into total black. Colors can get washed out, and people squint. It's much, much better to shoot under hazy skies, or near dawn or dusk when the light softens and, as a bonus, gets a nice & warm orange.

One exception is shooting into water. Water reflects haze and clouds too readily, and these also cut the light penetration into the water, so good days for shooting from above the surface (and diving as well) are bright days when the sun is high and the sky is clear.

That's how I not only caught the turtle swimming behind my dragonfly subject, an unplanned bonus, but got similar enough light levels that the turtle wasn't too dark nor the dragonfly too bright. Some nice framing from the reeds, but if you'll notice, they're bleached almost entirely out. If they were more of the subject, this wouldn't work, but here they're just part of the setting.