Do you like exploring?

Google Earth is a fun program, allowing the user to examine just about anyplace on earth (and elsewhere) from the vantage of aerial and satellite photos; I spend no small amount of time checking out areas of interest, finding places I’ve been and little curiosities.

Along those lines, I finally finished a project I’ve been planning for a while, which is to upload some Google Earth placemarks to select images within the photo gallery of the main site, linked to the actual areas where the photos were taken. In many cases, the placemark gives my shooting location as accurately as I can provide (especially since many of these were taken years ago, and in some cases the terrain has even changed!) You will need Google Earth installed to take advantage of this, but if there’s an interest, I can always put in latitude/longitude coordinates, which should work fine with online mapping services like Mapquest and Bing.

So if you like exploring, check out the gallery for the “Google Earth” buttons and poke around. I can tell you that the most interesting aspects can be found with the image seen above, and the one seen below. You have to find them yourself ;-)

Happy exploring!

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