Monday color 16

closeup of Delta pure red pansy Viola x WittrockianaWe haven’t done red in a while, and it’s a color fairly well underrepresented in my stock, mostly because I dislike it – which is weird. Why should we like or dislike any one color over another? What thing in our brains is responsible for this? I mean, I can see the evolutionary benefits of recognizing bright colors as signifying ripe fruit or good weather and so on, but why any one particular color? In my case at least, it has nothing to do with not liking strawberries or tomatoes…

By the way, the previous Monday color was posted specifically because it was taken years ago in central New York, and was scheduled ahead of time to post then because, at that moment, I was once again in central New York, probably less than 15 kilometers from the same spot. It’s that kind of meticulous planning that makes this blog what it is.

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