Sunday slide 19

autumn reflections in shaded pool in Duke Forest
I’m going to have to experiment a bit more, because I suspect the light source in the slide scanner is out of wack, and getting these scans to look like the original slide is more work than it should be – at some point you may see “Sunday slide 19a” as I change methods. Anyway, today we have a still pool in Duke Forest reflecting the fall sky and foliage, showing a typical trait. Reflections are always darker than the source, and when picking your exposure, you will often have to favor one or the other. In this case, it worked better to have the reflection in good range over the sky itself, since we see more of it and the branches fit into the composition better. By the way, reflections from water and glass (anything non-metallic, really) are polarized, and using a circular polarizing filter will have an affect on your images, to varying degrees depending on the orientation of the filter – sometimes you might eradicate the reflection entirely and see beneath the water surface. But here, the deep blue was important, offsetting the yellowing leaves and the muted colors of the rocks. It leapt out at me when I reached a certain angle to the pool, demanding to be taken, and I’m a coward, so…

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