Per the ancient lore, part 14

Crescent moon at sunset over shelter and palms
This week, we hit the last of the stock folders, the so-called Sunrise/Sunset bin – which is one of the thinnest folders that I have (‘thin’ insofar as number of images within, because there is no measurable thickness to a bunch of magnetic squiggles on a hard disk.) The reason for this is, I don’t get out often enough to places that work best with sunrise and sunset images – and in this particular case, there are less than ten images with the loaner Sony camera in that folder, in the few weeks that I had it before it went to its new owner. Eventually, the folder started to fill out a bit more, but it says a lot that last year’s trip to Topsail expanded its contents measurably.

This was pretty much a grab shot one evening as they sky darkened and a crescent moon betrayed the direction the sun had gone, taken right at the apartment complex where I’d lived. Initially, I was gonna carp about the two banes of the landscape photographer: power lines and aircraft contrails (no, they’re not ‘chemtrails’ – it’s fairly basic physics, read a goddamn book.) And that was not only because of the lines you can see across the bottom of the sky there, but another pale streak coming across mid-frame on the right side. However, as I was editing this photo for upload, I realized that the streak went across the palm trees too, so it was either an awful close passenger jet, or some other bugaboo on the image. What, I couldn’t begin to tell you, because it makes no sense – it could have been flare from a light source outside the frame to the right, but I’m pretty certain there was no such light, so how it got there remains a mystery. I simply edited it out, which took away part of my rant against the two banes; they still exist of course, but I can only show one in this pic.

This is not the first sunset image in the folder, though – that one is actually among the rotating header images up there at the top of the page, the sun shining through the fronds of a palm tree on the edge of the water. Just keep watching – you’ll see it eventually.

Since this is the last of the stock folders, we’ll start anew next week back at the beginning with Aquatic. Try to contain your excitement.

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