September is outtahere!

massive catfish looming towards surface
I’m not celebrating that, really – I happen to like September, don’t ask me why, but its passing also means autumn is nearly upon us. This occasionally provides some nice landscape opportunities (more often selective little tableaux, at least for me,) but what it mostly means is the end of the active season. Some of us can’t just pop down to Costa Rica in November…

All whining aside, this month’s-end abstract is a rather large catfish that was a resident in Our Hosts’ pond when we went down to the Savannah area, who eagerly partakes of their offered daily feedings despite hardly needing such largesse. I don’t think this is one of those walking varieties, which is good, because no one needs some ominous knocking on the door late at night to remind them that they forgot to feed the fish that morning. I mean, they have small dogs…

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