Storytime 5

composition notepad along side of forest road
This is another (awkward) attempt at photojournalism, like last week’s, that I came across while skimming through the folders. I used to work in a wooded compound frequented by volunteers, and on the entry road one day I spotted this lost notebook. I got out to retrieve it, and realized that there was a little ironic story right there; the challenge was getting the right angle to express it in one image. I’m still not exactly sure that I accomplished this – it takes a bigger version of the image, at least. But can you see the key element that I’m referring to?

If not, here’s a cropped and rotated portion of the frame, making it a bit more obvious.

crop from previous imageYou’ll be happy to know that the Eagle Scout, whose name I blanked out here so his future prospects as POTUS are not harmed, did indeed get his notebook back, and is probably spelling “lose” properly now every time too. But for my part, I had aimed to get the cover readable in the image while at the same time highlighting the lonely and ‘lost’ nature of the area, so needed a wide, low angle with the book close. Feel free to tell me if I succeeded or not, or even that you really don’t care either way.