We’re gonna have to let you go, April

possibly clover weevil Sitona hispidulus on red azalea blossom
I should try a lot harder to branch out more for the end-of-the-month abstract, and not feature as many flowers and water droplets – we’ll have to see what May brings us. But I still liked the effect of this one, so I’ll just wallow in my rut for another month. At a botanical garden a few days back, I spotted this minuscule weevil on the very edge of an azalea bloom, and fired off a couple of frames wide open with the Mamiya 80 macro – this one happened to nail the focus bang on the bug. I’m tentatively identifying this as a clover weevil (Sitona hispidulus,) and if anyone tries to correct me I’ll just laugh derisively and say, “Ah, yes, many people say that.” Which is a nice way of not admitting fault while not offering a correction, either.

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