With the impending threat of some guest posters or semi-regular contributors, this blog is no longer a singular thing, so we’ll introduce the players that you can encounter within, and try to keep this up-to-date.

Al Denelsbeck: I originated this web log, hosting it on the same site as my efforts in nature and wildlife photography. Unless otherwise attributed, the images herein are all mine and copyrighted as such, including the header images. Posts regarding nature photography and interesting outdoor topics are interspersed with critical-thinking, a fervent interest of mine ever since I realized the lack of it leads to so many issues in the world today. Yes, I’m an atheist, potentially even a Gnu one, but no, it’s not catching, even from reading, as invasive as that is. When I’m found talking about religion, I’m not after converting anyone, I’m just addressing some of the worst practices. Anyone threatened by this should by all means move on. And no, that was not meant in terms of skipping blog posts…

More information about me, at least as a nature photographer, can be found on my website Bio page. If you’re wondering about some kind of fancy educational background, or instigator of my critical-thinking drive, there isn’t any. My contributions here simply comes from my interests and poking around. When you find something wrong, well, now you know why. I can stand corrections.

I can be found in comments sections and forums, mostly on the Blogroll sites on the right sidebar, posting as “Just Al.” This has no hidden meaning, it was only a handy screenname when I didn’t want my full name used, and I’ve retained it since that time.

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