Completely different person

I’ve got a nice head start on the holiday today, which can serve as a reminder for others to produce their own contributions. People have a tendency to forget, perhaps conveniently, that February 26th is Remember The Dumb Shit That You’ve Done Day, but I’m happy to contribute because I figured, Why not? There’s no one reading anyway. True enough, read more

Profiles of Nature 8

This week we’re getting acquainted with Mordecai, part of our Street People series, candid slices of urban blighted hellscape. Mordecai is a member of the “Mants,” a gang that holds sway over the Azalea Bush On The Right, and takes no shit from anyone he’s been known to spray-paint trite, unoriginal designs onto walls where the cops can’t read more

Profiles of Nature 7

If you’ve ever wondered whether waterfowl exhibit flatulence, this should answer your question. It has been said that birds do not pass gas, but this isn’t true it only happens once in their lifetime, and as you might imagine, it’s a sphincter-stresser. Bijou Ambrosia here (born Faknatz Naifispuni) has studied her entire life to become the next read more

Podcast: It’ll happen to you too

And now, I am back on schedule for doing a podcast at least every month, trying to make up for the poor showing in past years. But then again, what I came up with was this, so you can decide for yourself whether this is a goal that I should be pursuing.

Walkabout podcast – Faster than you think

Yeah, I know, I know, but need I remind you that it’s still winter? And a shitty, read more

Profiles of Nature 6

This week we have siblings Gollumer (left) and Leggite (guess) when they’d been amusing themselves by throwing sheep off the roof, suddenly discovering that dad was home early. Gollumer and Leggite had won their appearance in the opening sequence of Miami Lice in a contest sponsored by Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing, despite the fact that this never existed. read more

Podcast: Where we’re going…

… we don’t need rails! And I think that says enough, really.

But it’s the first example of my goal for the year to do more podcasts, after letting it slide for the past two. There’s that, at least.

Walkabout podcast – We Don’t Need Rails

Nothing to add – no illustrations, outside links or additional materials. Once you listen, you’ll realize this is read more

Profiles of Nature 5

In this week’s Profiles, we find Durwood just as he was remembering that there is a home inspection scheduled for today and he hadn’t put away certain, um, things – we’ve all been there, even if we don’t necessarily have Durwood’s taste in possessions. He admits that he’s just working as a nature photographer’s model for the read more

On this date 55

“What? I thought we were finished with that!” you say incredulously, but I just calmly reply, I never said anything of the sort. You just assumed that I’d be done at the end of the year, but you know what they say about assuming…

But I had to do this one, and was intending to do it even before the ban came down. Let’s see what was happening seven years ago today.

read more

Profiles of Nature 4

This week we have Panamera-Cayenne, captured here the first time she tried out a bidet. Panamera-Cayenne is a veteran of nature photographs, appearing on the covers of Vanity Feather and Codsmopolitan, as well as nailing the centerfold spread in the 2019 Victoria’s Egret catalog (where she was eaten by an alligator – you know the shot.) She read more

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