Completely different person

I’ve got a nice head start on the holiday today, which can serve as a reminder for others to produce their own contributions. People have a tendency to forget, perhaps conveniently, that February 26th is Remember The Dumb Shit That You’ve Done Day, but I’m happy to contribute because I figured, Why not? There’s no one reading anyway. True enough, read more

Just because, part 39

I knew it was supposed to be sunny today, and so I held off in the thought that maybe I’d get out to shoot something, but the temperature remained quite low and I felt ratty all day, so nothing new right now. Yet, I did finish a minor project (which will appear here eventually, because [spoiler alert] it’s a podcast,) so this is in recognition of that. Don’t ask me how, or what read more

No, I’m fine

A few years back (well, I mean, four years ago) when I was doing the Sunday Slide topic, I scanned in a particular image that I liked, but decided against using it – the scan took place in December, and I ended up with other choices for the remaining couple of weeks before I dumped the Sunday Slide topic in favor of a new one for the new year, because that’s how you operate read more

On this date 56

We have another sporadic throwback today, a peek at what was happening in years past, and this time we have two from the same day, which was 11 years ago. As I suspected, it was a weekend, a Saturday to be precise, and following a snowstorm the previous day or so. I had gone out once the roads were clear to see what might be found that was scenic, but the snowfall wasn’t significant enough read more

Making progress

Yet this is a strange way to illustrate it, I admit.

I have mentioned, countless, interminable times, that I am involved in several computer projects, and certainly in the wrong manner if you ask most of those who charge for their expertise in planning and time management, because it’s several projects at once, and when one stalls or I’ve gotten too frustrated with it, I switch to another. read more

Podcast: Where we’re going…

… we don’t need rails! And I think that says enough, really.

But it’s the first example of my goal for the year to do more podcasts, after letting it slide for the past two. There’s that, at least.

Walkabout podcast – We Don’t Need Rails

Nothing to add – no illustrations, outside links or additional materials. Once you listen, you’ll realize this is read more


Okay, it’s not that bad, but we are gonna go with some older photos here.

Going back through the folders, I found a couple of photos that I felt I should feature, and now I’ve finally got the time and inclination to do so – been buried in a few other projects for a bit. So let’s take a peek at a photo subject from 2005.

I came across this black rat snake, or read more

How’s yours coming?

I felt no need to pop in too early this morning, or even give notice a few days in advance, because everyone knows today is Prep Your Home Video Setting Day, and thusly I’ve been involved in that, among various other tasks. I am starting to get into another video project, a fairly major one (for me, anyway,) and it’s going to require a lot of clips. At times, read more

Some kind of record

I just have to add this.

Rendering the name of the model from today’s Profile post was slightly tricky, given that many of the language’s letters don’t appear in the standard English/Latin character set. I was up to the challenge of course, but while writing read more

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