November’s abstract (a day late)

Dammit, I meant to post this yesterday, and forgot all about it. I’m disappointing my legions of readers…

While I’ve had it in the back of my mind to maintain this new ‘tradition’ of posting an abstract at month’s end, it hasn’t worked out for every month. But I knew this one was in the running the moment I saw how it had turned out. With most subjects, I read more

Monday color 42

Taken just a few days back, this is another current one for Monday color. Despite having a couple of overnight frosts, and the bare fact that the tomato plants never did well this year because of the sporadic sunlight in the back yard, one of the cherry tomato plants is still valiantly, defiantly producing fruit (and yes, tomatoes are a fruit.)

This, by the way, is another example of the lighting read more