A brief reassurance that I’m here

With the computer being down and thus no decent way to unload photos, I simply avoided taking any until things were up to speed – which means that my first photos of 2016 weren’t taken until this morning! I’m as horrified as you. Well, okay, maybe not quite as horrified, but you’ve got competition, […]

Monday color 37+

So, the important stuff first: with this post I surpass all previous records for posting within a year, and we’re only in mid-October! Everything past this point is gravy, and even if I stop posting now, I’ve still got that accomplishment under my belt. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling, let me tell you.

A […]

Monday color 37

Decisions, decisions…

We have an Euonymus americanus in the yard, more commonly known as a “hearts-a-bustin’” or even a strawberry bush, the latter by people with little imagination and no concept of being confusing as hell, since it has no relation to the plant that actually produces strawberries. As can be seen here, instead […]