Daily Jim pic 22

The things that I get up to…

So, knowing roughly where Jim was when he took this shot, I pulled up Google Earth and started poking around to see if I could determine just how far those peaks were. And in the process, realized that I had found the precise location of nearly all […]

Daily Jim pic 21

Today’s image, compared against yesterday’s, is a good example of how to approach the same subject in different ways, and a damn strong fartistic composition to boot. Good contrast, good depth, and a great diagonal element to the framing. Switching to monochrome eliminated the upbeat aspect of the blue sky and enhanced the textures, […]

Daily Jim pic 20

Whether it’s accurate or not, Jim managed to provide a distinct impression of the area that he visited in Montana with virtually all of the photos he sent along (the flowers notwithstanding.) Despite the sky conditions, you can almost hear the creak of the chains as the swings drifted lazily in the breeze. And […]

Daily Jim pic 19

I suspect this is the same barn as the one seen two days ago, turned monochromy by Jim being fartsy again – it’s certainly the same kind of (inept) construction. I’m probably going to find out Jim’s father-in-law built this…

And now I have to admit to curiosity over what purpose this building served. […]

Daily Jim pic 18

“And you’re gonna put that saddle on who now?”

It’s subtle, perhaps, but the shorter focal length, or wider angle (same thing,) distorts the proportions enough to make the center horse seem to loom a bit – the head actually looks vertically bigger than the torso. And because of that, the others seem to […]

Daily Jim pic 16

Jim sent me a handful of monochrome images as well, mostly taking advantage of the aged appearance of many of the buildings – not that they really needed to be desaturated, since they were strictly grey anyway. What’s notable about most of the building shots that Jim sent me is the geometry-thwarting nature of […]

Daily Jim pic 15

And so we now travel to Montana – “we” actually meaning, “not me,” but instead Jim and family, and I suppose one or two other people that might have entered Montana that day a month ago; the sprawling metropolis of Floweree, Montana, to be exact, and no I’m not kidding (Jim might be, though.) […]