It’s all sciencey

Once again, let’s welcome back Randall Munroe and xkcd:

Actually, this isn’t sciencey at all. I remember hearing some religious pundit telling us eclipses were proof of god, because the perfect match of sun and moon sizes could only be done by an intelligent being – coincidences just can’t happen. Eclipses are god’s gift to humans, which explains why so many older cultures read more

A very long handle

Sometimes, what it takes is a nice little illustration to put something in perspective, and Randall Munroe of xkcd is our man for this example. There is a ridiculous amount of propaganda around regarding climate change, with countless claims and excuses and pretty much just pitiful whining that it isn’t happening, or humans aren’t the read more

Bridges peak in the middle

There is a common confusion among humans between doing something that is fun and doing something that it useful. Put as directly as that, it seems silly – “I can tell the difference between fixing my flat tire and putting plastic wrap across the toilet seat” – but it’s a bit more subtle than all that. As my example, I’m going to use a current internet “fad” read more