Yeah, on the bandwagon

Just in case you haven’t already come across enough recaps of the Reason Rally, I’m going to succumb shamelessly to the fad and feature a few of them myself, vicariously through several people who were able to attend. While I want to get these out of the way before recaps of Rock Beyond Belief […]


Okay, I will only accept you being here if you’ve already seen Friendly Atheist’s Reason Rally recap. If not, hie thee hence right now! Even if you think it’s a diabolical attempt to seduce people to the dark side, treat it as a challenge and tell me how many flaws you can find. I’ll […]

Miss me?

Probably not. I really shouldn’t ask questions like that.

In winding down this evening (well, yesterday evening now,) I noticed that a lot of my favorite bloggers have nothing new to post, with good reason. They’re all at the Reason Rally in DC, most of them probably starting to get a bit bleary and […]


I just can’t seem to get my timing down. I see countless lectures and events that look like they should be interesting, and they’re usually too far away for me to attend. I’ve completely written off things like The Amaz!ng Meeting, not just because of distance but because they chose the most expensive place […]