Storytime 50

This one actually has two stories, but the first I’ve already covered, though I still reiterate it to students when talking about how positioning can affect composition.

The second story has to do with how this got rejected, not from a gallery or stock or anything (because I still like it,) but from an […]

Macro photography, part 13: More than illustration

Once again, we’re going to delve into this deal where I tell you to work on mastering something that I haven’t mastered myself – do as I say, not as I do and all that. Except, I don’t really believe that anyone masters anything in photography; there are simply different levels of skill, so […]

The winter of our blogcontent

That was absolutely terrible, I admit it – I really need to stop doing such things if I want any readers at all. The only thing I meant by it was, in the winter when any kind of photographic subject matter is scarce, I fall back onto things like the butterfly house just to […]