Scheduled to appear

So, there’s a small benefit to backyard photography, aided by blogging about it, and it’s this: you have the opportunity to see if there is a long-term pattern that develops among the common species, and even pin down exact dates. It doesn’t necessarily tell you why there seems to be a pattern, however…

There’s […]

Storytime 36

This week’s entry is perhaps only part one of an ongoing story – nobody’s really sure yet. We’ve been playing it by ear.

It started almost two weeks ago when I went into work in the evening to block off some days for students and such. There was a handwritten note on one of […]

Happy birthday Boogs!

Four years ago today, the Boogs were born. More or less, anyway. When they showed up at the house, it was Labor Day weekend and they were roughly eight weeks old, so we picked a date that was easy to remember.

The most notable thing about them is the color change they underwent, which […]

More meaningless milestones

… but at least, this gives me the excuse to post something furry.

A year ago, The Girlfriend heard something crying outside the open window one night, which led to the discovery that we had four abandoned, semi-feral kittens hanging around. The capture and taming of them was chronicled here, and here, and here, […]

Progress report September 19: Ghosts!

Imagine looking down at your lap and being greeted by this? Freak you right the hell out, wouldn’t it? But no, we’re haunted by the cutest little wraiths any medium has ever seen. Noisy, though.

Since the last report, things have proceeded apace. While the fourth still remains very spooky for some reason, three […]