What's this supposed to do?

It's simple: It let's you contribute a dime in consideration of any content found here. That's all - ten cents.

"Free" web content still takes time to create, format, and post. My own content also inlcudes plenty of original images and illustrations, not to mention the effort I put into trying to make things clear, and perhaps thought-provoking, compelling, or motivating.

The money anyone pays towards their internet access doesn't go towards any site provider in the slightest - the same amount would be paid for empty pages and fewer sites.

To justify their time and efforts, many website hosts gain a little cash through hosting advertisements. I'm not doing that - I hate ads as much as you do. Yet, getting a little back helps me, if not pay the bills (yes, this entire site comes out of my pocket,) at least feel motivated to keep doing it. I don't pursue 'friends', 'followers', 'likes', '+1s', or any other meaningless social fads.

So, this button. It takes you to PayPal with a mere 10 cent contribution already filled in. If you find something within this site useful or simply interesting, it takes a moment to drop a dime my way. Think of this as the empty guitar case at my feet.

That's all. No obligation. Thanks for reading!

- Al.