What's this supposed to do?

It's simple: It let's you contribute the amount of your choice in consideration of any content found here. That's all. Think of it as a tip jar.

"Free" web content still takes time to create, format, and post. My own content also includes plenty of original images and illustrations, not to mention the effort I put into trying to make things clear, and perhaps thought-provoking, compelling, or motivating.

The money anyone pays towards their internet access doesn't go towards any site provider in the slightest — the same amount would be paid for empty pages and fewer sites.

To justify their time and efforts, many website creators gain a little cash through hosting advertisements. I'm not doing that — I hate ads as much as you do. Yet, getting a little something back helps me, if not pay the bills (yes, this entire site comes out of my pocket,) at least feel motivated to keep doing it. I don't pursue 'friends', 'followers', 'likes', '+1s', or any other meaningless social fads.

So, this button. It takes you to PayPal, and you can decide on your own what it's worth. If you find something within this site useful or simply interesting, it takes a moment to drop a little something my way, and any little bit helps. Think of this as the empty guitar case at my feet.

That's all. No obligation. I don't collect e-mail addresses or add you to any list, so accept my appreciation in advance. It's necessary to inform you that I'm not a non-profit organization (in the legal sense of the term, anyway) so contributions are not tax-deductible, sorry.

Thanks for reading!

- Al.