The Road Warrior: An unauthorized novelization of the 1982 film

Screencap from The Road Warrior showing crew

As it says, this is a novelization of the film, one of my favorites from the moment I first saw it. This might seem odd given the other content of the site, but that's how personalities go I guess. I've been wanting to do this project for a long time, and with the impending release of Mad Max: Fury Road, I pushed it through to finish it before that film made it out.

Since I did not obtain permission to write this, and the situations, events, and characters were all created by someone else, this explains the "unauthorized" part. As such, I may be asked to stop distributing it or something, but since I'm not charging anything for it and openly admitting it's based on their work, it's not exactly stealing anything from them, not to mention that the portrayal within is my own writing and interpretation. But full credit where it is due, because the screenplay was written by George Miller and Terry Hayes with Brian Hannant, and the film was directed by George Miller and produced by Byron Kennedy for Warner Bros.

There are, of course, some changes from the movie — how many and of what nature is just something you'll have to find out on your own. However, I was pleased with what had been included through the efforts of those above, and made it a point to try and convey a significant portion of these within the novel.

Other than that, this was simply a writing exercise, a personal challenge to produce something of book length before moving on to things entirely of my own creation.

There are two versions: the PDF version that can be read with any PDF reader, and the epub version that should be readable in an e-book reader that handles that format. They both worked fine for me but this is my first attempt at producing such so I can make no guarantees of compatibility — you are welcome to contact me at the address below with feedback.

The same goes for feedback on the writing itself — any input is welcome and appreciated. I will say that the book is not professionally edited, being almost solely my own work. The notable exception to this is the editing input from my friend Dan Palmer who, for better or for worse (your call on that one,) did not make any serious changes to the novel even while correcting my (more) awkward and confusing sentences.

With all that, the download links are below.

The Road Warrior, PDF version

The Road Warrior, Epub version

As indicated, you are welcome to offer any input regarding format, writing, or whatever, at this address (webadmin[at]wading[dash], if it doesn't automatically work by clicking on it.)

I hope that you enjoy it and recommend me to all of your publishing contacts.

Al Denelsbeck, May, 2015.

Since you got down this far, I'll tell you that the screen capture at the top of this page shows a crew member in the truck that mistakenly got into the shot. I have been told this is driver Dennis Williams, who also did the, uh, most notable trunk stunt (yes, I'm avoiding spoilers on a 33-year-old movie.)