Sony F-717 digital
On-camera flash
11.1mm at f4
1/125 at ISO 100

East coast sea stacks
barnacle-covered stumps

On the Pacific coast of North America, there are large spires of rock formed by geological processes, towering out of the tidal zones in many areas. Very majestic in appearance, and one of my photo goals when I get out there.

But here in Florida, we have our own! It is rumored that they don't quite compare in size to the west coast's, but I suspect that's just sour grapes.

All right, they're not more than 30 cm (12 inches) tall, and they're not even rock. Just barnacle-covered rotting tree stumps. But I went for a different angle early one morning, assisted by the digital camera's ability to tilt the LCD viewfinder, so I could get it low to the water without having to be on my belly.

Barnacles cover nearly everything that stays in the river long enough (which I think is 45 minutes). For a much closer look, click here.