While I wouldn't ever stop anyone from contacting me for whatever reason, I feel a warning is in order first. I can be pretty bad about replying to e-mails. Business comes first, and I usually have several projects going at once, so I'm not always available to make prompt replies. That doesn't mean I intend to discourage comments, it should mean that if I'm slow in replying, it's not an indication that I'm snubbing you.

You can reach me by clicking on this link, if you like (that's webadmin [at] wading-in.net, if it's not clickable.) I'll also open discussions on the blog.

If you're impressed by my work, I'm very pleased. But I'll make one small comment, too: This isn't anything special. Being good at photography takes simple drive, the desire to keep improving, and anyone can do this. It doesn't take expensive equipment, it doesn't take special knowledge, it doesn't take growing up in the "right" circumstances. Any of that might help, but believe me, I had the advantage of none of it. Just study what kind of photography you like and try to determine why you like it. 3D matrix metering isn't what sold you on the image, is it? Figure out what did.

A simple not-so-secret: While there's enough of my images that I'm proud of, there isn't one, not one, I don't think needs improvement. So I keep trying to beat them.

That's about as deep as I get...

Thanks for passing through!