Individual Prints

Single (unsigned unnumbered) prints are available at the costs listed below, which includes shipping within continental United States. Other locations may be charged an additional fee. Some images on this site may be released in a signed and numbered lot, where the prices will be different.

Also, feel free to ask me about anything you'd like to see, or if you're after a matched set my stock is significantly more than is shown here. I can e-mail small examples of stock images if you're looking for something specific.

Print Costs (includes shipping cont. US)
Cost (US Dollars)
8 x 12 inches
11 x 14 inches
16 X 20 inches
These are actual photo prints, not inkjets, and arrive unmounted, not signed or numbered. Smaller prints will be in flat mailers, larger will ship in a tube.

Click here to send me an e-mail with your request, and I'll get back to you with specifics. Please let me know which image you desire by page title or header, and matte or glossy finish. Any questions you might have can be directed here as well.

Framed Display

As indicated in the Sets Gallery, ready-to-hang prints can be obtained as well, individually or in sets. These are ideal for businesses, lobbies, hotels, et cetera. They can be provided to your specifications for framing and matting, and in sets and/or themes that you choose or that I have already created. You also have the chance to show off a local photographer or your own regional scenes.

Prices are dependent on framing options, of course, and on quantities. If you are within 100 kilometers of Durham, North Carolina, I can come by personally with a portfolio and with a framed example. Additionally, prints can be displayed on a commission sales basis.

Use this link to contact me and let me know what you would like to see.

Web Usage

Images can be made available for web usage in certain circumstances. Please note that any usage without previous authorization is a violation of US Copyright, but asking first might be all that you have to do. There is a fee for commercial rights, depending on the display; however, certain non-profits or individuals may be able to obtain usage rights free of charge.

Please contact me at this link to ask about using any particular image, and include your URL and intended usage.

Publication, Editorial, Educational, or Commercial Usage

I maintain a constantly-increasing stock of original transparencies, and can provide individual examples, stock listings, and commissioned images upon request. Response time is geared to your deadlines. Editors, Publishers, or Art Directors should click here for more info.


About The Dude

I've been into nature and animals my whole life, and photography for over twenty years, starting in my early teens. After an untold number of rolls, I decided to get serious about it and switched goals, concentrating more on quality and composition, and on building up stock.

In the past, I've worked for a humane society with both domestic and wild animals, specializing in rehabilitation and concentrating mostly on raptors. I also worked as a liaison and educator in relation to public issues with wildlife, as well as coordinating rehab training sessions and the rehabbers themselves, and had a hand in planning the design and outfitting of a new wildlife clinic in central North Carolina. All this carried over into my photography, since I had a fascination with animal behavior and enjoy displaying the details and curiosities I see myself.

Nature photography is an interesting form. Painters can produce the scene they want the duck in the sky is well-lit, with wings on the downstroke as needed, and positioned exactly among the other elements of the image. Commercial photographers control backgrounds, lighting, positions, expressions, and practically every aspect of their photos. But nature photographers have to produce the same thing without any control over the conditions at all. This can be quite a challenge, which makes it both frustrating and rewarding. Between the challenge and being outdoors, I'm quite happy with the field.

Moreover, I appreciate the opportunities to use my work to help further environmental conservation. Nature maintains a balance all its own, but we're the only species that can affect this on a huge scale. We're also the only species that can make the choice about this, as well.  The more we remind ourselves of this, the better decisions we'll make when it comes to the environment. We're a big species without concerns about survival anymore we can share.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed the stay! If there's anything that moved you, or struck you the right way, do me a small favor and send a few bucks to the environmental, humane, or conservation agency of your choice. Not a bad habit to have, really...

Thanks again!