I created this site to showcase a small collection of my images. As will become obvious, I have nothing against crawling around, getting wet or dirty, and exploring new areas to photograph fascinating things, thus the name. This site is for all those who enjoy doing the same, and also for those that wish they could.

And yes, I teach photography as well, if you're close enough to where I am, anyway (or don't mind paying a hefty surcharge for travel.) See here for details.

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      The post regarding these clips can be found here.

     Nearly all photos on this site are available for purchase individually, and I've included a section of matched sets with themes. If you don't see what you like here, contact me, since there are plenty more images in my files.

     I maintain a continually-expanding stock collection of professional quality transparencies and digital files, and can provide image lists including all species, promo dupes, or gallery CD-ROMs upon request. More information can be found on my Commercial page.

     To all, thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the images (and attendant verbosity!)


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     If you're interested in any image on this site, contact me with your intended usage, and include size and URL if applicable. It's likely I won't mind at all, and can possibly provide an image appropriate to your display, such as desktops or screensavers.

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