Sony F-717 digital
9.7mm at f8
1/200 at ISO 100
Red channel only, adjusted

monochrome ocean rocks

At the inlet to the local harbor lies this twisted collection of rocky spires. In calm weather, it's simply a tricky path to navigate, but in rough seas it's spelled the end of many a merchant vessel as they're dashed to fragments within the narrow passage. Locally, it's called the "Straits of Kindling," after what's left of your boat.

Oh, that's all horse hockey. The rock here is about 35 cm (14 inches) high, and I can't even get my hand through that hole. But I noticed when playing with it in Photoshop that the scale is vague, due to the texture of the water. I was experimenting with bringing out contrast from the clouds and sky, and kind of liked the end result.