Canon Elan IIe, semi-handheld.
Canon 75-300 at 250mm
Fuji Provia 100
1/60 second, f8
When the opportunity comes...
Great egret Casmerodias albus rowboat

At the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, I followed the walks down to the Sound, where no one else was around. As I was returning, a great egret (Casmerodias albus) found a perch on an old worn rowboat drawn up on shore in the shade. It's not often I get given a composition like this.

The tripod was back in the car (past the rowboat) and the light was changing – a few minutes and I'd have more than these vague little spots of bright light on the bird's back, I'd have large patches, too much contrast. I kneeled down and used an old post as a brace, trying to keep steady enough for the slower shutter speed. It worked. I'm happy.