Canon Elan IIe, tripod
Sigma 28-105 at 35mm
Fuji Provia 100F
f11, 1/15
Key Largo Sunset
key largo sunset

I had just checked into a little cabin on Key Largo when I noticed the colors the sunset was producing. I quickly grabbed the camera bag and tripod from the car and scampered down to the dock, thankfully having a halfway decent landscape when I got there.

This is an interesting example of how exposure metering works. The actual scene, as viewed by the naked eye (because we're all adults here,) was much brighter, with the colors not half as vivid. Cameras are typically set for middle tones, since they're not usually aimed into the sky, so it read the brightness from the glowing clouds and set an exposure to bring that back down to middle tones, which really made the colors pop on Fuji Provia. Some people viewing this believe that it was digitally enhanced, which forces me to show them the original slide – if anything, it looks even brighter.