Canon 30D, camera bag
Sigma 18-250 at 31mm

1/100 at f11, ISO 250

From a safe distance
self portrait on Jekyll Island GA

The 'golden hour' is that time period, right around sunrise or sunset, where the light is low contrast and yellow, orange, or red in hue, which can be excellent for scenic and landscape shots, as well as portraits. Taken the same time as this one on the North Beach of Jekyll Island, Georgia, I was the only one around and decided to attempt a self-portrait (something that mercifully doesn't happen often.) The camera was propped on the camera bags and aimed about where it seemed right, and the timer set. Then I detoured wide outside of the frame and came in from the left, to avoid leaving footprints in the tide-scoured sand. I only shot the one frame and it didn't seem to come out too shabby, but we all know what kind of standards I have, so...