Olympus OM-10, tripod
Vivitar 75-260 at 200mm
Kodak Gold 400
Exposure unrecorded
sunrise seagull silhouette

Taken many years ago, on a photo weekend to the Outer Banks this was just north of Kill Devil Hills, NC. I dragged myself out of bed to get the sunrise, which is highly recommended for any kind of nature or wildlife photography. The animals are still active, the light is low and soft, the air is still (though never at NC beaches)

As the sun peered out of the cloaking haze, I became determined to get a seagull silhouetted in front of it, so I locked the camera on-target and waited. But before the sun had reached my ideal shape and brightness, this guy came through, not quite on my intended course I snapped it anyway. And what really worked was catching his wings at their upward stroke, something I had no control over. I'm pleased with it.

I've never gotten the silhouette I was originally after...