Canon 300D, handheld
Tokina 19-35 at 19mm
ISO 200
f4.5, 1/50 second
You have to look for it
eno river roots

I suspect most people would have walked over these roots without ever realizing their potential – I know I had several times before. But a very low vantage point brought out the textures and details, changing their importance to the viewer. The only thing I don't like is the stray reflection in the water at lower left, the ghostly smudge.

On the banks of the Eno River not far from where I used to live, I got flat on my belly on the edge of the water to frame this, with my legs actually extending into the water off the back of the rock. It's safe to say I'm not fussy about my appearance or comfort when it comes to photos, and walking around for the next hour with a wet crotch wasn't something out of the ordinary for me.

Though I'd probably think twice about it if I was someplace a little more public, I guess...