Canon 30D, tripod
Sigma 18-250 at 18mm
1/1.3 seconds at f22, ISO 100
The return
Neuse River return

In the late '90s, I had just become serious about nature photography and, on numerous recommendations, had switched over to slide film. Because of this, I was rebuilding my stock because, basically, editors never used print film or negatives for publication and thus virtually all of my photos from before that time period were worthless, at least for getting published. I was living in Raleigh at the time, and there was a spot at the very beginning of the Neuse River, where it spilled from Falls Lake, that became a frequently-visited area; it was easy to get to and quite interesting, and I have a lot of stock images taken there.

Better than 25 years later (hell, I'm getting old,) I returned to expand my stock in digital images, and this was one of the many I captured during that trip. Most of what I like is the two primary complementary colors, the deep blue of the water and the near-orange of the rocks, with a hint of highlighting from the pale streaks of the rippling water.