Sony F-717 digital
48.5mm at f4
1/320 at ISO 100
You saw it here first
Carolina anole Anolis carolinensis

There's an outlet for everything on the web, but I bet I'm the first to feature Lizard Porn...

[And what's really frightening is, it's a regular search term that brings people to my site. Seriously, people are searching on the term, "Lizard porn."]

Carolina anoles (formerly green anoles, but still Anolis carolinensis) are a species native to Florida but getting harder to find anymore, since they're getting crowded out by the introduced brown anoles. So it's actually a bit gratifying to come across a scene like this.

And no, this is not a cross-species breeding – Carolina anoles were sold for years in pet stores as "chameleons" because they can change color to exress moods, and all you're seeing here is two variations of it. I don't know enough about the species to tell if this is a typical breeding display or not.

But gosh, they looked bored; totally motionless. Maybe they were hoping I wouldn't notice, but has that worked for anyone, ever?