Sony F-717 digital
9.7mm at f4
1/125 at ISO 100

It's almost disturbing
golf ball with sea life

While wandering in Ballard Park in Melbourne, right at the mouth of the marina, I found this curious object in the water and fished it out. As can be seen from the photo with only a moment's examination, it's a golf ball. Or at least, it was at one time. Now it seems to be a Marine Borg.

I have very little idea how fast something like this occurs, but I do know that barnacles appear on just about everything you're likely to find underwater, and that the surface of the ball itself (what could be seen of it) was spotless and brilliant white. Look at the growths, and I'd guess years, but looking at the ball, it looks like it hit the water weeks ago or less. I think the big clue is the oyster, which probably has growth ridges that occur periodically, but I don't know enough about them to say anything useful. Another clue might be that none of the barnacles I can make out are alive – if they were, you'd see an inner set of closed shells, as if the mouth of each little cone was stuffed with a clam.

I'm kind of sorry now that I didn't keep this...