Why pass this up?
Indian River Lagoon sunrise

Up early to catch the sunrise, down at one of my favorite access spots for photography. Some of the other images I've obtained right in the general area can be found here, here, and here. Now you know why it's one of my favorites...

Among photographers, it's often considered trite to take pictures of sunrises and sunsets, since they've been photographed so many thousands of time before. But here's the way I look at it. The images, done well, are still compelling, no matter how many you've seen, and still evoke a good response from people. There's a peaceful emotional feel to them, and an optimistic attitude, and quite simply, people like the vivid colors.

But if you want to pursue them, it helps to be creative, since the subject has been done so often before. Not to blow my own horn, but this image was a keeper, among a lot of discarded sunrise shots, because of the elements. I put the sun in the crook of the branches, high enough not to cut off the reflection, and used the silhouettes as contrast. The sky produced a very broad spectrum of color, clouded without appearing stormy, and the smoothness of the water repeated some of the sky color while adding subtle texture of its own. To me at least, it all seems to work together. It even works as a vertical.

So don't be stopped by anyone claiming it's an overdone subject. Just approach it as creatively or artistically as possible.

Indian River Lagoon sunrise