Canon 300D, tripod
Vivitar bellows
Vivitar 135mm 2.8
Metz 40MZ-3i off-camera
1/125 second, f16

You tell me
aquaitc nymph stage flying insect

The best that I can say right now is that this is the aquatic nymph of a flying insect. It is possible that it's a mosquito, but the eyes and head do not look right to me, plus those antennae are too long. Neither does it seem to fit either dragonfly or damselfly, despite the body shape. So, feel free to enlighten me if you know. It's a freshwater denizen, approximately 3-4mm in length.

I still couldn't resist putting it into the gallery because of the nice creepy detail of the forming limbs and wings, and the wonderful highlights in the eyes – I would have liked the glitches on the glass that caught the flash to have been absent though. If you're familiar with the paintings of H.R. Giger, you'll understand the inspiration of the page title.