Sony F-717 digital
Sunpak MZ4400AF flash off-camera
48.5mm w/ Zuiko 50mm f1.4 reversed on front, f8
1/100 at ISO 100

porcelain crab Petrolisthes armatus or Porcellana sayana

Another that I couldn't pass up. What you're looking at here is the "face" of a porcelain crab (either Petrolisthes armatus or Porcellana sayana), and probably the last thing you would see if you were an aquatic microorganism. Well, okay, probably not, because they typically don't have eyes, but you get the idea...

This page will give you an idea of the size, or I can simply tell you that the eyes you're seeing are smaller than a pinhead. Also visible are the feeding 'seines' curled in front of the complicated mouth parts that crabs have, and the tip of its left cheliped (pincer) at lower right.

The very short macro focusing distance meant that I had to be lucky and have a porcelain crab holding still quite close to the glass, so I didn't hesitate when my subject here offered a pose. And I was also lucky enough not to scare it off when I loomed close.