Canon 300D, handheld
Sigma 28-105 reversed at 50mm, f16
Sunpak FP38 flat-panel flash with diffuser/softbox

1/200, ISO 200

Just one

So one evening I was out chasing insects with the extreme macro rig, and noticed the the tip of a dog fennel branch nearby, hanging heavy with a raindrop from earlier in the evening, the strands spread within as if trapped in amber. I raised the camera and tried to focus, but the faint breeze was playing havoc with the long branch, which bobbed all over the place, not just going in and out of focus, but often leaving the frame entirely. I tried to time it and snapped one frame, but realized it was a hopeless exercise and simply abandoned the attempt without wasting any more shots.

There's no way that one frame should have been this damn sharp, but I'll take it anyway.