Canon 300D, handheld
Mamiya 45mm reversed at f4
Metz 40MZ-3i flash off-camera

1/200, ISO 100

defocused dewdrops

One extremely humid morning in the early fall, the dew was everywhere, including heavily laced throughout some cobwebs in the yard. Now, a brief word of explanation: many people think cobweb refers to the old and dusty webs found in the corners of spooky mansions, which is perhaps partially true. A cobweb is a cluster of largely random strands with no particular shape, as opposed to a sheet web (flat and generally horizontal, but no pattern) or an orb web (the classic 'wheel' type web with spokes and a spiral pattern.) The distinction is important here, because focusing on just a couple of the dewdrops within the hundreds randomly distrubuted through space, as it were, was what produced this image. The focused drops show images of the bush that held the web, even while the lens itself couldn't capture the leaves. Other dewdrops are largely out of focus, while the specular reflections from others, even further out of focus, produces the bright fuzzy spots. The high magnification of the reversed lens and the wide-open aperture for very short depth of field all came together to make this. Hopefully you find this as cool as I do.