Just a small collection of tips, techniques, methods, and projects that I've found useful. More come along all the time, so check back every once in a while to see what's cookin'.

Tips & Techniques:

Making Macro Easier — Photograph from your home, or make field work go a little smoother.

Macro Lighting — Specific pointers on the challenges of lighting in macro conditions.

Equipment — A reassurance that photography isn't about how much you spend.

Stalking — Getting those frame-filling shots.

Cold weather tips — Some pointers on working in cold weather.

Hot weather tips — Coping with the demands of working in hot conditions.

Some things you might like to know about film and digital — Just an objective look.

Why would anyone shoot film anymore? — Why, indeed.

Understanding "Exposure" — What it means and how to handle it.

What is a "Stop"? — Understanding what this term means and why it's used.

Understanding "Aperture" — Making sense out of the curious settings on your camera, how and why they work, and how to use them best.

Removing noise — How to eliminate the effects of constant stray sensor pixels.

Resizing images — Some tips on sizing your digital images for print, web, and e-mail use.

Calibrating your monitor — If your computer monitor isn't accurate, then neither is your image editing.

Blog posts on composition — Links to all of the posts I've done in the blog regarding composition.

Photography Instruction — Individual personalized classes for residents in the Triangle area of North Carolina.


Make your own RS-60 E3 remote control for Canon cameras

Make a Macro Tank for photographing small aquatic animals

Make your own annual guide to sun and moon rising and setting times for your area