Canon 300D, handheld
Mamiya 80 macro w/ extension
Metz 40MZ-3i flash
ISO 100
1/125 second at f16
Green channel only

monochrome jumping spider

While chasing a small, pale jumping spider around on some grape vines, I inadvertently changed my camera setting to overexpose by a full stop, quite annoying at the time because this was the only attempt that nailed focus right where I wanted it – something that is more difficult than you might imagine with a subject 9mm long and a depth of field only about 4mm, while the spider doesn't want to hold still. The result was that the spider appeared almost to be glowing from within, which was pretty cool, but not exactly a choice stock image.

But then I had to try converting it to monochrome, perhaps another mistake – who bothers to do monochrome macro images of insects? Well, those of us who like playing around, and you have to admit, it's different.

We'll leave it at "different."