Canon Elan IIe, handheld
Sigma 28-105 at 35mm
Fuji Provia 100F
1/350 at f16, darkened in post-processing

Pick a color
monochrome bare tree

This is an image that was monochromatic to begin with, only a deep blue, strictly from the sky. The clouds and sunlight flare went pure white with no other color to them, and of course the tree trunk was black. Pure contrast. It can just as easily be converted into any color desired, as an accent or mood piece, because of its nature.

While this was not intentional at the time, I like how the wispy clouds almost, but not quite, form a false foliage canopy around the branches — I was unable to judge just how strong their effect would be on film, with the harsh lighting conditions. And I'm torn about the slash of contrail at the top. There's times when I wish it wasn't there, and times when I think it matches the angle of the large branch on the right and fits right in.