Olympus OM-1, tripod
Olympus 28mm 2.8
Ilford Delta 400
15 seconds at f11

Delightfully spooky
monochrome  spanish moss

More nighttime experiments, out on the bike. In the yard of an old school near where I used to live in Florida stands a gnarled and twisted tree, festooned (there's no other word for it) with spanish moss. At night, the building lights illuminate the rough bark from one side, and this particular night, the moon was at an angle I could exploit. Just a guess at exposure, but a good one, if I do say so...

There's no question that this one had to be in B&W. How could it be anything else?

But truth be told, it would not have turned out even fractionally as good in color. The light on the tree was a sodium pressure lamp, deep orange-amber in color, and this would have produced a very contrasting hue against the blue-black coloration of the moonglow. It also would have grounded the tree in suburbia, instead of having the nice vague highlights it now has.