Canon 30D, handheld
Sigma 24-60 at 52mm
1/1250 at f5.6, ISO 250
+2/3 stop exposure

A little thin
tree in thick fog

During a very foggy morning, I scampered out to a nearby field to see what I could capture. A small tree almost vanishing into the morning mist turned out to be my favorite frame of the day, and became even more interesting when I cut it down to just the red channel. No contrast work here at all – the channel by itself really was this thin, and the tips of the branches nearly disappearing into the sky is what makes it work for me.

But you know the biggest issue with this? It's that I know a certain number of people won't get the full effect, as their monitor isn't adjusted for optimum brightness and contrast levels or their phone simply sucks for viewing webpages (naaaahhh, that's impossible.) So this really should be viewed as a print. It is, of course, for sale, so just to make sure you're not missing anything...