Canon 30D, tripod
Sigma 18-250 at 35mm, f13

1/13 second at ISO 250

Avon calling
beach sunrise at Avon NC

I had a chance for a quick weekend photo trip to the Outer Banks, the first opportunity in years. Events conspired to cut it short and incur some unexpected expenses, but in the morning I still managed to scamper out and find a beach area for sunrise, just outside of the town of Avon, NC. With too little time to really scout out a good location, I simply framed alongside the dunes as the post-storm sky became really colorful.

Situations like this virtually demand exposure-bracketing, as the brightness of the sky is capable of throwing some weird responses from the camera meter; moreover, the colors are often deeper when underexposed, in this case by 2/3 stop under my normal settings. The shutter speed was just fast enough to prevent noticeable motion from either the waves or the beach grasses.