Canon Elan IIe, handheld
Sigma 28-105 at 28mm
Fuji Provia 100
Exposure unrecorded, certainly less than 1/8 second
Winging it
ocracoke moonrise

When relatives visited one year, we did a trip out to the beach. This was before I maintained a routine chart of sun and moon data, so when the nearly full moon rose over the ocean in a lovely deep color, I wasn't expecting it and had to scramble to create a useful photo.

The nearby dune line and grasses were about all I had, and the tripod was back in the car. So I composed and steadied myself as well as I was able, never a forté of mine. But it came out pretty well considering the lighting conditions and slower film.

And my nieces were already used to me dashing around with the camera, and ignored it by this time. So I don't think they even knew they were in the pic, wandering along the surf.